Amazing! Exclusive! So Awesome!

Whatever you want to call it, you are going to love it!


Image Courtesy McBride Photo Design

Image Courtesy McBride Photo Design

Let me drop a truth bomb here: my little boys are becoming less little every day. And as much as I love my job, I love them infinitely more. Time with my family is waaaaay more important to me than making money. So starting this year, I am reserving more time for them. For baseball games. For blanket forts. For as many adventures as we can fit into half a weekend.

But this is good news for you, too!

As a "thank you" for allowing me this time to enjoy with my family, I am offering exclusive discounts and freebies to my portrait clients who schedule their sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings. I will still offer portrait sessions on Sundays and Fridays, but these deals are exclusive for the regular ol' weekdays when fewer family events take place.


Getcha some deals!

My mom always told me that I've got a lot to offer this world, but now I know it's true. As my beloved Monday-Thursday client, you can select any or all of these discounts and freebies:

  • Complimentary 16x24 canvas with any print, digital image, or combo package order over $600.00
    Complimentary 16x20 traditional print with any print, digital image, or combo package order over $300.00

  • Half price canvas prints (16x24 and larger)

  • $75.00 discount on the Hall of Fame print/digital combo package

  • $50.00 discount on the full gallery of digital images



Now here's the fine print (which is still the same size as the regular print because squinting causes wrinkles, and you may want me to edit them):

The offers above are valid for orders from portrait sessions photographed on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday only. Offers are not valid with any other discount. Discounts are not applicable to sales taxes, shipping, and other fees. This offer may be terminated at any time.