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Cue the Giving

In the past few years as a citizen of Blue Springs and a member of the Chamber of Commerce, I’ve noticed a couple things: whenever there is work to be done, a consistent group of volunteers will happily put in extra hours for their community; and whenever there is a need to be met for our neighbors, a few familiar faces will be on the frontline, offering their help in any way they can. These people typically stay in the shadows. They work behind the scenes. They don’t do it for publicity or attention. They give their time, talent, and resources simply because they love the community. 

As the owner of Side Pockets on 7 Highway, which opened in 2005, Bill Fickle immediately became involved in the Chamber of Commerce, and has served as both the Chairman of the Board (2013) and as Fall Fun Festival chairman since 2010. “I love being a part of Fall Fun Fest,” he says. “I think it is such an amazing undertaking that the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce does every year, and there is just such an amazing volunteer presence.” Bill has also promoted new businesses investing in Blue Springs by serving on the board of the Economic Development Council, and is a member of the Blue Springs Shrine Club with the Ararat Shriners and the Elks Club.

Bill and the staff of Side Pockets consistently give their time to the community by offering the establishment for a variety of fundraising efforts. “We work with local charities and youth organizations throwing fundraisers for them almost every weekend of the year,” he says. “Every year through different charitable fundraisers we have raised well over $100,000 for different groups. That money either goes to help people with their medical bills, sometimes funeral costs, and many times paying for the equipment and travel for so many youth sports teams.”

“We believe it's very important to be involved in all aspects of your community,” he says. “I believe the true bedrock and foundation of any good community is the service its citizens do for the good and welfare of the city.”

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