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Joy Frazier Boyle

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Behind the Scenes

The house lights dim. The curtains are pulled to the wings. And the magic begins. Since 1986, the Blue Springs City Theatre has entertained our community with over 40 productions ranging from small performances and children’s theatre to musicals with live orchestras. Throughout the years, more than 1,900 people have given their time and talents onstage and backstage to bring the performances to life.

The success of the theatre continues today thanks to people like Joy Frazier Boyle, a BSCT board member and assistant director to the current production The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Stupid Fairy Tales. She knows the value of the theatre exists beyond the shows themselves. “My efforts bring culture and live entertainment to Blue Springs. More importantly though, I work with kids (and adults too) to build them up and help improve their life skills. They don’t know it, but they are learning troubleshooting skills, self-advocacy, leadership, and confidence!”

Since auditioning for a BSCT play in 2012, Joy has become more involved in the behind-the-scenes roles that help the shows thrive. “I assistant directed the children’s play last year and fell in love with behind-the-scenes work. I loved knowing that no matter what was going on in the child’s life, when they came to work with me at the theatre, it was going to be a positive experience. I’m really big on keeping things positive. No matter what kind of day you may have had, you come to the theatre and can let go.”

For the current production The Stinky Cheese Man, Joy is helping director Vickie Miller’s visions come to life onstage. She helps facilitate rehearsals, works with children in the cast as they learn their lines, and helps them build their confidence. “Theatre makes my heart happy!” she says. “It is a great home for people of all ages and backgrounds to be creative together. It’s also a safe place for anyone. There is no judgment regarding who you are as a person when on the stage.”

The 2018 season will present four productions: The Stinky Cheese Man, Steel Magnolias, Hello Dolly!, and Deck the Stage. All performances are held in the civic center at Blue Springs High School.

Joy will make her directorial debut with Steel Magnolias in April 2018. Although the cast is primarily adults, there are many teenagers interested in assisting with the production. “I am finding them leadership roles in my crew to give them a chance to spread their wings behind the scenes. Everyone will have a chance to shine!” 

Blue Springs City Theatre welcomes any and all who wish to contribute their time and talents to the theatre. Learn more at


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