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Why Hire a Professional?

Great headshots make a wonderful first impression to potential clients as the initial face-to-face contact. Be sure your employees are well represented with professional portraits from Anthem Photography. Use your images for business cards, websites, ID badges, and marketing material.

Consistent lighting setups and style ensure a consistent look with your images - this is especially important if multiple sessions are needed as new employees join your team!

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Session and Pricing Options


Photos at Your Office
To travel to your office, the fee is $95.00 per hour with a two-hour minimum, plus $40.00 per individual, and/or $75.00 per group. I can shoot either with an environmental/office background, or with a traveling studio setup for individual photos. For the studio-style option, I must have a clear space at least 14'x10' without windows. The studio setup includes one color backdrop (gray, blue, black, or white). Each individual will receive 3-4 edited digital images, and/or each group will receive 1-3 edited digital images.

Photos in My Studio - Located in Downtown Blue Springs, MO
FALL 2019 UPDATE: Studio options are limited, or provided at different location, until building remodel is complete.
Studio headshots are $100.00 per person (most cost-effective for 1-3 people per session) or $95.00 per hour with a two-hour minimum, then $40.00 per person (most cost-effective for 4 or more people who can fit the session into their schedules at the same time slot).  Pricing includes one backdrop (gray, blue, black, white) for the session, and one outfit per person. Each individual will receive 3-4 edited digital images. 

Photos Outdoors
Outdoor headshots are $85.00 per person. Outdoor sessions last 15-20 minutes. You will receive 3-5 edited digital images - the best images of the photographer’s choice from the session.  

Composite Group Images
A group composite photo is a great option for a large group photo, and is created with individuals on a studio backdrop, then edited to show everyone together. This technique allows for easily adding or removing individuals from group photos in the future. To create a group composite, the session fee is $95.00 per hour with a two-hour minimum, and $80.00 per individual. Group composites are delivered to you with one solid color background, an existing image of your choice, or a transparent background - a great option for superimposing over other images or colors. Each individual will receive an individual photo (a closer version of the image used in the group photo).

Digital Images
All image edits include color/exposure correction, and complimentary skin retouching, if necessary. Images are sized to print up to 8x12 inches (2400x3600 pixels) and include online usage and printing rights. Larger resolution images may be purchased for an additional charge. Edited digital images up to 8x12 inches in print size include a release/license for use online and in print marketing. You may also request complimentary web-sized versions of each purchased image, based upon your preferred pixel dimensions for your website.

Kansas City Business Headshots Commercial Photographer | Anthem
Kansas City Business Headshots Commercial Photographer | Anthem
Kansas City CEO Headshots - On Location Head Shots

Tips for Clothing

If consistency in the overall appearance of the images is important to you, determine a basic dress code that you'd like your company to follow. Whether it's a company uniform, business attire, business casual, or even certain colors to tie into your brand, setting guidelines prior to the session will help maintain a consistent look throughout your set of images.

Colors - Think about the background (whether we do on-location photos, or studio-style photos), and choose a color or set of colors that will go well with that setting/color without blending into it.

Layering and Accessories - Adding a suit jacket, cardigan, lab coat, etc. is a quick and easy way to modify your look if you would like more than one option for the style of the image.

Fit - Be sure to choose clothes that fit well - not too tight (especially when seated), and not too loose. 

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General Guidelines

  • Women: Apply makeup as you normally would (and bring it along if you may need to reapply). You may also consider hiring a makeup artist (I have several I work with) for your session. Call me for pricing.

  • Men: Shave or trim facial hair. A fresh haircut is recommended as well.

  • If you tend to have oily skin, powder or oil-absorbing wipes are recommended.

  • Visiting the tanning booth or using self-tanning lotion before pictures is not recommended.

  • For the studio-style option at your office, I must have a clear floor space at least 14'x10' without windows.

  • For outdoor photos, I prefer to shoot in a shaded area. If shade is not available at the location of your choice, the time of day that we schedule the session is very important - early morning or late evening may be best time depending on the direction your building faces.

  • Please avoid Transitions lenses for outdoor portraits.

Additional Options

Additional Backdrops, Additional Images
Looking for more variety in your studio session? No problem! I can add additional backdrop colors or styles for $20.00. And if you’re in need of additional images from your session, I can provide additional edited digital images for $15.00 each.

Products and Interiors
In addition to serving local businesses with professional headshots, I also offer product photography options and architectural/interior photography. More of my work can be viewed here. Session fee of $95.00/hour with a two-hour minimum plus individual image fee (see below) applies to interior and/or exterior architectural photography. 

  • One image - $50.00

  • Set of 10 or more images - $30.00 per image

  • Set of 50 or more images - $20.00 per image

Full-Resolution Digital Images
Edited digital image up to 24x36 inches in print size (7200x10800 pixels) include a release/license for use online and in print marketing. You may also request complimentary web-sized version of each purchased image, based upon your preferred pixel dimensions for your website.

  • One image - $150.00

Advanced Edits
Standard edits include color and exposure balance, cropping, and basic skin retouching, if needed. Custom or extensive edits, including upgraded skin retouching, blemish removal, etc. requested by the client will be invoiced at $50 per hour (quote for edits will be provided prior to editing).


Travel fees may apply to locations outside the Kansas City metro area. Sales taxes will be added to applicable items.

Digital images purchased are high resolution for printing up to 8x12 in size (larger sizes available for an additional fee) and include a printing release to verify printing rights at the photo lab of your choice. Printing rights are granted to the client only and may not be transferred or sold.

All images are protected under US copyright laws and may not be edited or duplicated in any manner without written consent from Anthem Photography.

Cash, check, and major credit cards accepted. Sales taxes and shipping fees are added to applicable purchases. A 10% late payment fee is added to any invoice unpaid after 30 days.

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