hmm... what should we wear?

Don't stress over what to wear! Coordinating outfits for individuals or for groups can be easy if you follow a few guidelines:

  • Determine the style you'd like to express - fashion-forward, formal, rustic, classic, casual, etc. - and be sure everyone in the group has outfits that work with the overall style.
  • Decide on your color palette - bold, bright, neutral, etc.
  • Remember to choose colors that provide a nice contrast with the backgrounds you select. Bright colors work better than greens in a natural setting, black won't work very well for a night session, blues and purples work better than warm tones against brick walls in urban settings, etc.
  • Choose two or three main colors and add neutral tones (white, cream, gray) for contrast. For example:
    • Navy blue, yellow, and cream
    • Maroon, blue, gray, and white
    • Purple, black, and gray
    • Green, different shades of brown, and cream
    • Turquoise, dark gray, and white
  • Remember that accessories and layering (sweaters, jackets, etc.) are great and easy ways to add to your outfit!
james a reed

Browns, blues, and grays - oh my! Everyone in this family looks great alone, or paired with anyone else in the group. Their style is consistent, with a variety of textures and patterns that all work well together.


crossroads kansas city

These cuties are rockin' their style with a dark tone (denim jacket), midtone (knit shrug and metal buttons), and light tone (dresses). Perfect!


west bottoms kansas city

Coordinating and complimentary colors with similar styles work great for couples. Layers are wonderful!

Downtown Blue Springs Photography

This senior has chosen her outfit nicely - a dark tone, a light tone, and a mid/bright tone with her coordinating jewelry. She could remove her necklace or jacket for an easy transition to a new look.

I am in love with the colors from this maternity session. The lighter undertone in his shirt nicely matches her dress, but the pattern in his shirt, as well as her coral shrug gives each of them their own color to contribute to the look of their outfits. Brighter colors like they chose work nicely in outdoor sessions like this - greens and yellows would not have "popped" against the background like these colors do. 

anthem Photography |

The subtle pattern of this senior's top works nicely with her layered tank tops and the industrial location she chose for this portion of her session.

what to wear for family photos - kansas city family photographer -

Even the dog has a purple bandana! And different shades of your primary color selection still work well together.

what to wear for children's photos - kansas city children's photographer -

Solid colors provide a nice, classic look, but don't be afraid of patterns and textures! This little cutie (who happens to be my oldest son) needed to stand out against the snowy background, so I chose one of his favorite shirts for this impromptu photo session.

Anthem Photography |

This crew of cousins chose a simple pairing of grays and navy blues, with a combination of solids, stripes, and different textures, which allowed everyone to express their own style while looking great as a group.

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Don't be afraid of unique colors! This family had the great idea of shopping for everyone in the family at Old Navy, since the store offers clothes for the whole family in common color palettes. The end result was a fantastic mix of jewel tones and a variety of textures and patterns that looked awesome together.