Why Hire a Professional?

With the recent explosion of the digital camera market, and even smart phones that take good photos, why should you go with a pro?

A smart camera does not make a smart photographer. Just because your friend, co-worker, or relative may have a high-resolution digital camera, does not necessarily mean he/she is a skilled photographer. While good “over-the-counter" equipment may help the average consumer up their photography game, a professional photographer brings an artistic vision, creative lighting approach, and years of experience that can’t be bought at the electronics store!

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The Process

Choosing a Photographer
Your choice of a photographer will affect how these precious days are remembered for years to come, so it’s important to choose a professional you trust to capture your session with the style, services, and products that fit your needs. I have photographed families and children since 2007, and continue to push myself creatively in order to provide each and every client with a unique set of images that represents their family's sense of style, interests, and personality.

Booking Your Session
I offer portrait sessions Sundays through Fridays in the evening, with special offers for sessions that are scheduled Monday through Thursday. To officially book your day and time with Anthem Photography, a $50.00 retainer and a signed contract are required. Once your contract is in, we will work together to plan the details of your session, such as locations and clothing selections.

During Your Session
Your session will be fun and relaxing. We’ll talk and laugh as we walk around the location you’ve selected. I will look for the best angles for light and backgrounds and use different poses and group arrangements. I will take full group pictures, as well as individual pictures of children. Be sure to let me know if you'd like certain arrangements of family members together.

Post Processing (Editing)
I color-correct your images, crop, check for highlights and shadows, and do a bit of minor retouching if necessary to get the best final results in each of your photos.

Viewing Session or Online Gallery
Within a few days, I will finish editing the images from your session. You may choose to meet me at my studio for an in-person viewing and ordering session, or you may opt to receive an online gallery (available for 30 days) to view and order your images.

Printed Products and Books
Turnaround time for prints and products is based on the specific product you order. Once your final prints and products are in, they will be available for pick up in the studio. Or you may choose to have me deliver them to your doorstep if that is more convenient for you.

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Tips for Choosing Your Outfits

Be yourselves! Start with a focus on your family's style. Think about the clothing styles you currently have and the stores where you normally shop. Wearing clothes that look good on everyone and reflect both the group's style and individual personalities will give everyone confidence during the session, and will result in images you’ll be proud to show off.

Consider the setting of where your session will take place. Will it be downtown, a park, the studio, or somewhere else? Imagine your setting and the types of colors that will be there. Since the setting is background of your photos, it has a big impact on your overall look. For example, if you plan to have the shoot at a garden, wearing floral prints or green tones might not be the best idea because you would blend in to the background. Ideally, you want to match the style of the background, while wearing colors that set you apart from it. Having some family members wear darker tones while others wear lighter tones is a nice way to maintain contrast between individuals in the group. It’s not recommended to have everyone wear the exact same color. Here are some examples of past clients whose wardrobe worked nicely together.

Colors - A good rule of thumb is to pick out two to four complimentary colors that would go well with the location. Making sure that everyone's outfit uses some or all of the color theme will keep the group looking consistent. I find that blues, purples, and pastels go well with natural scenes. Bold colors and traditional tones (black, white, and gray) match modern locations like the city. Just steer clear of any reds and yellows that may be too close to your skin tone.

Solids and Prints - Our eyes are naturally drawn to patterns, so don’t be afraid to incorporate some stripes or other patterns into your clothing. Adding coordinating solid colors will help complete the look. I recommend avoiding clothing with screen printed designs or wording, as they can be distracting and call attention away from the group.

Layering and Accessories - Consider layering your outfits with easy additions such as ties, scarves, jackets, cardigans, and hats. Paired with jewelry, you have several accessory options to easily modify your look.

Casual or Formal - Whether to bring casual or formal clothing - or some of both - is completely up to you! Again, it’s great to have options, so feel free to bring several complete outfits for your session.


General Guidelines

  • I recommend starting the session about two or four hours before sunset (depending on your session length) for the best natural light. I prefer to shoot in the shade to keep you in soft, won’t-make-you-squint-and-glare kind of light.
  • Favorite toys can be great motivational items for toddlers who may be timid around the camera.
  • If members of the family normally wear glasses, consider wearing contacts with the frames and having an optician remove the lenses from the glasses for the session to avoid reflections from flashes. Please avoid Transitions lenses for outdoor photos.
  • If you have cool chairs or stools around the house that compliment your clothing choices, feel free to bring them.
  • If your children wear diapers, make sure it is completely covered by their outfits (tuck in shirts or have them wear a onesie under their shirts or leggings under skirts).
  • Make sure everyone’s pockets are empty and faces/hands are clean before the session begins.
  • Women: Apply makeup as you normally would (and bring it along if you may need to reapply). You may also consider hiring a makeup artist (I have several I work with) for your session. Call me for pricing.
  • If you tend to have oily skin, oil-absorbing wipes or powder is recommended.
  • Men: shave or trim facial hair. A fresh haircut is great as well.
  • Visiting the tanning booth or using self-tanning lotion before pictures is not generally recommended.
  • Your hands and fingernails will appear in the photos! Trim and polish nails as necessary.

Facial Touchups

Let’s face it (pun most certainly intended), annoying little blemishes can pop up at the most inconvenient times. If this happens before your session, don’t stress! My standard edits include light skin softening and teeth whitening if necessary. Additional enhancement services such as blemish removal, under-eye lightening, fly-away hair removal, etc. are options that you may choose to purchase as upgraded edits after your session. Your edits will be completely natural - I won’t make your skin look like plastic or like an airbrush monster attacked you; I’ll simply remove those little spots while making sure your skin looks natural and clear.





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Pricing and Packages

The Session
Your session fee covers the time that we shoot, and basic editing of the images. Travel fees may apply for sessions taking place outside the Kansas City area.

Up to two hours      $150
Two to four hours   $275     

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The Hall of Fame (Digital/Print Combo)  $775
All digital images with printing rights
24x36 canvas print of one image
38-page 8x10 custom hardback album
Super Value Package of prints

The Chorus (Digital/Print Combo)  $600
All digital images with printing rights
16x24 canvas print of one image
14-page 8x10 custom hardback album
Value Package of prints

The Beat (Digital/Print Combo)  $380
15 digital images with printing rights
16x20 traditional print
Value Package of prints

Super Value Package (Prints)  $225
One 16x20 print
Two 8x10 prints
Four 5x7 prints
Six 4x6 prints

Senior Package (Prints)  $120
Three wallet sets
One 8x10 print
Two 5x7 prints
Four 4x6 prints

Value Package (Prints)  $70
One 8x10 print
Two 5x7 prints
Four 4x6 prints

A Capella Pricing (A La Carte)

Traditional Prints

4x6 print                    $6  
5x7 print                    $10
8x10 print                  $35
11x14 print                  $80*
16x20 print                $120*
8 wallets                    $20

Canvas Prints

8x10 canvas            $100
12x18 canvas           $200*
16x24 canvas          $250*
24x36 canvas         $300*

Digital Sets

Individual image     $45
15 images                $250
All images               $400

Custom Hardback Albums

14-page 8x10 album      $250
38-page 8x10 album     $375

* Includes complimentary digital download of the selected image.
Additional sizes are available. Call Jaime at 816-914-2651 for pricing.

Digital images purchased are high resolution for printing up to 8x12 in size and include a printing release form to verify printing rights at the photo lab of your choice. Printing rights are granted to the photographed subject, client, and client’s spouse only and may not be transferred or sold. Recommended print vendors include,, and Process One Photo Lab.

Printed images are protected under US copyright laws and may not be scanned or duplicated in any manner.

Cash, check, and major credit cards accepted. Sales taxes and shipping fees are added to applicable purchases.


Displaying Your Images

Filling your walls with a lifetime of memories is one of the most special, most visual ways to tell the story of your life! Whether you select traditional prints or digital images with printing rights, be sure to give your images a special place on the walls of your home! Custom framing options to match your decor can seamlessly integrate your memories into your home. Looking for something sleek and modern? Try going frameless! Canvas gallery wraps, image blocks, standout mounts, and other creative prints still showcase your photos beautifully, but offer a spin that goes perfectly with more contemporary decor.

A custom-designed hardback book makes an awesome keepsake to display your favorite images from the session! Books are great gifts for grandparents, stunning coffee table centerpieces, and even a great way to show off your pride and joy at the office.


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Referral Incentive

Being a small business that I run on my own, it’s critical that I continue to grow my client base each year. Fortunately, I have a network of excellent clients who love to spread the word about their experience with me. I sincerely appreciate personal referrals, as it’s the most powerful form of advertising!

Each time you refer a new client to me, you will receive a referral incentive in the form of a discounted future session, print credits, or gift cards to local or online retailers.

Ask me about FREE gift cards to give to your friends and family!




“Our family LOVES Anthem Photography! Jaime has been taking photos of all of our milestones for years--from newborn photos to big kid photos and everything in between. She has a great style, and even when I think our cranky kids or chilly weather will ruin our photos, I'm always amazed at what she captures. She has a great eye for locations, too, and is always up for suggestions. We could not be happier with her work!"  --Lindsay E.

“We definitely made the right decision. The pictures were fantastic and we could not have been happier! In fact we liked her work so much that we asked her to do another shoot... and another... Thanks Jaime. Your keen eye and great skills have yielded us exactly what we wanted in a professional photographer.” 
--Brad H.

“Love our family photos so much! Beautiful memories to last a lifetime. Thank you Jaime for capturing those memories for us. Loved working with you. It's nice to have a photographer that you can feel like yourself with. That's really hard to find."  --Hillary E.

“Jaime is not just a photographer to me but has become a great friend! I can't imagine anyone else taking pictures for me!”  --Natalie O.

“Couldn't be more pleased. Jaime was so kind, professional, and prompt, and she took gorgeous photos. I'd absolutely recommend my friends and family to her.”  --Amanda C.