Human Relations Commission
Kynette Campbell


Showcasing Diversity, Creating Community

Serving as the Chair of the Blue Springs Human Relations Commission (HRC) since May of 2015, one of Kynette Campbell's goals is to "effect positive change that opens minds, encourages acceptance, and promotes the curiousness of learning about cultural differences." Composed of seven community leaders of diverse backgrounds and two student representatives, the HRC organizes block parties and neighborhood gatherings that allow residents to enjoy a fun afternoon of playing games, barbecuing, and listening to great music. The block parties are also a great opportunity for citizens to interact with the Blue Springs Police Department and meet more of their neighbors. Kynette and the HRC believe that "by doing this we provide residents an opportunity to get to know the officers that patrol their neighborhood," which promotes positivity among law enforcement and residents.

"The HRC is charged with making sure all residents are treated equally with regard to education, race, ethnicity, gender preference, housing and disability," she says. "This is vital to maintain a peaceful, healthy, relative community." 

Kynette believes that "Blue Springs is a great community to live, raise children, and become involved in many volunteer opportunities. It feels like a small, close-knit family." The HRC is working to build upon the closeness that we feel in our community, create new relationships, and (as their mission statement says) "provide all individuals with an equitable opportunity to grow and participate to the best of their ability in our economic, educational, political, and social systems." 


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