Job One - Jeff Carpenter


Making Connections

Job One is doing wonderful things for individuals with special needs and disabilities by providing job training and employment placement that fits each person's skills, abilities, and career interests. As an Employment Specialist, Jeff Carpenter's primary role is to link special-needs individuals with both local businesses and volunteer organizations. But this mission serves far greater purposes than a paycheck. In a recent survey of employees that Job One serves:

  • 99% feel they are treated with respect
  • 96% feel their coordinators are advocates for them
  • 96% feel Job One recognizes their potential and abilities
  • 99% feel safe in their work environments
  • 96% feel their work helps them have a more positive self-image
  • 82% feel Job One better connects them to their community

Jeff says "I get rewarded every day. I enjoy the connections that I have made, along with the families that I have helped. I know most people would think that working with special needs would provide some challenge. But, it does not. Each person that I work with has a set of skills that can provide something to the workplace. It's all about matching this individual with his or her interests and abilities. And, when you do make a great match, the special need isn't existent. The challenge in the workforce disappears. The impact on peoples live is the only thing you can see."

It's apparent that Jeff loves what he does, and the employees he interacts with adore and respect him as well. Walking through the workshop on my tour of Job One, we were met with several high fives and fist bumps. It's obvious that employees appreciate him and all that Job One is able to offer them. When asked about his favorite aspects of working for Job One, Jeff says, "I feel like the work we are doing at Job One is making a difference to the members of this community in more than just employment services. We are helping to provide a sense of purpose and stability in unstable situations."


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