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Too often, we attempt to show the world who we think they want us to be. The Narratives project was born out of a desire to stray away from the standard by capturing portraits of real people. Real people are perfectly flawed and beautifully imperfect. Represent yourself authentically with our unique, collaborative approach to portraits.

How do we do this? Through the collaboration of photographer Jaime Russell and therapist Michelle Worley, engaging conversation is the focus of your session. We tailor our approach to capture you in your authentic state. Laughing. Moving. Expressing your personality. We engage in lighthearted conversations to learn who you are, to document your story, and to know your narrative.

What we create together are images of truth. Real. Authentic. You.

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 Session and Pricing Options


Photo Sessions at Great Oaks Therapy Center
Sessions are offered on the first Tuesday of each month at Great Oaks Therapy Center in the Westport area of Kansas City, an inviting space with modern decor and great lighting, which provide a great backdrop for your photo session.

Photos at Your Location
If you’re interested in incorporating the look of your office or workplace as the backdrop for a Narratives session, we can come to you! Space and lighting are crucial elements for a successful photo session, so give photographer Jaime Russell a call to discuss your space, scheduling, and on-site pricing.

Digital Images
All image edits include color/exposure correction, and complimentary skin retouching, if necessary. Images are sized to print up to 8x12 inches (2400x3600 pixels) and include online usage and printing rights. Larger resolution images may be purchased for an additional charge. Edited digital images up to 8x12 inches in print size include a release/license for use online and in print marketing. You may also request complimentary web-sized versions of each purchased image, based upon your preferred pixel dimensions for your website.

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Tips for Clothing

Don’t overthink it. You don’t have to “dress the part.'“ ______

Layering and Accessories - Adding a suit jacket, cardigan, etc. is a quick and easy way to modify your look if you would like more than one option for the look of the images.

Fit - Be sure to choose clothes that fit well - not too tight (especially when seated), and not too loose. 

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General Guidelines

  • Please arrive camera ready 10-15 minutes before your scheduled session time. Sessions are booked consecutively, so late arrival will reduce your session time.

  • Women: Apply makeup as you normally would (and bring it along if you may need to reapply).

  • Men: Shave or trim facial hair. A fresh haircut is recommended as well.

  • If you tend to have oily skin, powder or oil-absorbing wipes are recommended.

  • Visiting the tanning booth or using self-tanning lotion before pictures is not recommended.

  • If you normally wear glasses, anti-reflection coating is highly recommend to reduce glare in your images.

  • Standard edits include color and exposure balance, cropping, and basic skin retouching, if needed. Custom or extensive edits, including upgraded skin retouching, blemish removal, etc. requested by the client will be invoiced at $50 per hour (quote for edits will be provided prior to editing).

Digital images purchased are high resolution for printing up to 8x12 in size (larger sizes available for an additional fee) and include a printing release to verify printing rights at the photo lab of your choice. Printing rights are granted to the client only and may not be transferred or sold.

All images are protected under US copyright laws and may not be edited or duplicated in any manner without written consent from Anthem Photography.

Cash, check, and major credit cards accepted. Sales taxes and shipping fees are added to applicable purchases.

Michelle Worley, LMFT (Therapist and Fellow Traveler)

Michelle Worley, LMFT (Therapist and Fellow Traveler)

Jaime Russell, Photographer (SMARTASS TITLE GOES HERE LATER)

Jaime Russell, Photographer (SMARTASS TITLE GOES HERE LATER)