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Your feedback helps us create relevant and high-quality teaching materials to ensure you learn all that you can to run your successful photography business. Thank you for taking the time to tell us more about your background, goals, current knowledge, and preferred methods for learning.

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Approximately four hours in a group setting
Approximately four weekly in-person group classes of three to four hours each
One-on-one time with a professional, during which your specific questions are answered in detail, constructive criticism of your work is given, etc. Or a shadowing session with a professional to work with you on your photo session shooting and editing processes.
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Please describe your current knowledge of the following:
Aperture (F Stop, F Number)
Shutter Speed
Camera Modes
Custom Camera Functions
Off-Camera Lighting
Posing Portrait Subjects
Editing and Post-Processing
Building Clientele
Pricing My Services and Products
Legal Aspects of Business Ownership