Blue Springs For a Bright Future
And City Planning Commission - Scott Casey

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Planning a Bright Future

Successful communities are created by groups and individuals who can identify and resolve issues that exist today, and encourage progress for a better tomorrow. As the founder of Blue Springs For a Bright Future and member of the City Planning Commission, Scott Casey is passionate about cultivating positive change in our community through city development, education, and activism. 

Created in 2016, Blue Springs For a Bright Future is a nonpartisan organization of citizens who share a common vision. Scott states, "We believe in the importance of early childhood education and want to see the city take a larger role in helping parents afford it. We believe that a municipal fiber optic network would help us attract businesses in the age of Google Fiber and bring more and better choices for internet providers to everyone. We believe in the value of renewable energy and want to see our schools and public buildings utilize this new technology to save money. And we believe in equality for all Blue Springs citizens and have called on the city to expand our outdated anti-discrimination laws." The organization meets monthly to discuss current issues as they pertain to this mission, and also hosts community events that are open to everyone.

"Most people like to focus on national politics," Scott says, "but I believe that local politics is just as important if not more so! There's a lot to be done right here in Blue Springs, and I love having the opportunity to help make it a better place for everyone." As a recent appointee of the City Planning Commission, Scott works alongside several other community-focused residents who advise the mayor and city council on topics of commercial and residential planning and zoning in Blue Springs. The commission's role is vital in both documenting and promoting our city's growth and improvements that encourage more families and businesses to invest in our city. 

"Blue Springs is great because of the love we have for one another here," he explains. "We are all part of the same Blue Springs family. We are all rooting for each other to succeed. We have created a community of hospitality, warmth and kindness. I'm so proud to call it my home."

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