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Determine whether you would prefer an in-studio session or an in-home session. I generally prefer to photograph newborns in their homes, as it keeps the little one and Mom and Dad most comfortable and allows us to get the most relaxing, natural photos in your home.

No matter where we photograph your little one, we will capture a mix of images. I generally take a variety of both studio-style photos (posed close-ups of the baby) and candid photos of the family as well, if you’d like. Our goal for either location is to keep your little one comfortable and happy and to capture these early days before they change so rapidly!



  • A sleepy baby is best for the session. Try to schedule the session to begin when he/she will be ready to begin a nap. Feeding the baby just before the session begins is usually the best way to keep the little one sleepy and happy.

  • Make sure baby’s clothing fit perfectly. Oversized clothes bunch up and can be a distraction, and clothing that is too small may leave imprints in baby's skin that can show up in photos after the next outfit change. Also be sure that the clothing selected completely covers the diaper.

  • Recommended clothing and accessories include: a variety of onesies, blankets (the bigger, the better!), hats and booties, a plain white diaper, swaddling blanket, etc. If you happen to have basket or boxes you'd like to use as props, those are welcomed as well. I have a few I will use during the session, but always like to use new props if I can.

  • If any other family members will appear in the photos with the baby, choose nicely coordinating colors. This doesn't mean that everyone wears the same colors (you don’t want to be a blog of the same color!), but simply colors, patterns, and styles that complement each other.

  • Blue, purple, pink, green, and neutral tones (brown, black, white, gray) are usually the best color options. Please avoid red, yellow, orange, or any shade that is too similar to skin tones.

  • If any member of the family appearing in photos normally wears glasses, please wear lenses with anti-reflective coating if possible. If you don’t have anti-reflective coating lenses, consider wearing contacts with the frames and having an optician remove the lenses from the glasses for the session to avoid reflections from flashes or other light sources.

  • For in-home sessions, a space heater can be helpful in calming a little one who may not always be fully clothed. If you do not have one in your home, please let me know and I will bring one from my studio.

  • It is best to schedule the session within the first 1-2 weeks of baby's life. Try to schedule the session during a time when the baby will be sleeping. Although this can be difficult to determine, plenty of milk and warmth should help!

  • Make sure noses/faces/hands are clean before the session begins. Applying lotion to dry skin areas prior to the session is very helpful.

  • For in-home sessions, de-clutter main areas of the home as much as possible. We will probably shoot a majority of the photos in the baby's room, living room, and any other area with lots of natural light.

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Your edited images will be available to view in an online gallery or for an in-studio viewing session within 3-4 business days. You may purchase any prints, digital images, or packages that you would like. No minimum purchase is required. Digital images are available for instant download. Prints will arrive at your home in approximately 7-10 days after ordering.

Tell your friends about your session! Each time you refer a new client to me (for any type of session), you and your friend will both receive a gift: session discounts, free prints, or a gift card! The more friends you refer, the more you will receive. Ask me about current referral bonuses!