Kelsey Hutton

I have dozens of incredibly talented friends. Painters, jewelry designers, writers, software developers, beer-brewing geniuses, teachers inspiring others, fellow photographers, and musicians. Each art and skill they possess amazes me. Not unlike the art of photography, these diverse specialties require passion, dedication, knowledge, and (I believe) a God-given blessing to execute. I admire each of these talented individuals for the amazing things that they cultivate and accomplish.

But one person stands out to me.

Maybe it's because of the love that I've had for her long before she revealed her skills to the world. Maybe it's because I know that her talent is pure, sincere, and continuing to grow. Maybe it's simply because I am moved by her music; I'm inspired by knowing that somewhere in the mysterious depths of the soul is the ability to create and perform this magical entity we call a song.

Anyway. The point is that I think she's great. And you might, too.