Thunder Clatter

One of my New Year's resolutions (I just decided this as I started this blog post) is to find more "driving music." In case you don't know the extremely strict rules of classifying good driving music, here are the requirements:

1.  It must include a great bass line. This bass line must compel you to move your shoulders. At the very least.
2. It must be fast enough to make you drive a liiiiiiiitle bit faster without realizing it. Cops love when you listen to music like this, so keep that in mind.
3.  There must be at least one great opportunity to clap your hands for about 10-15 seconds. Do this while at a stoplight only, of course.
4.  The lyrics must be at least 60% understandable. The other 40% is easy enough to make up, and if you turn the volume up loud enough, as you certainly should, no one else in the car (or nearby cars) will realize that you're completely jacking up the words.
5.  It must somehow magically sound better with the windows rolled down (below highway speeds, that is). Only a small percentage of songs pass this requirement.

Note: Requirement #5 can be omitted in the dead of winter, but as soon as the temperature rises above 55 degrees fahrenheit, this requirement must be tested using a method I call "Air in the Hair, Heat on the Feet" during which the driver blasts the heat on the floor vents, but rolls the windows down. It's a method I highly recommend in the spring and fall.