Come Alive (feat. Toro y Moi)

One of the disadvantages of being married to an "extreme athlete" is having to watch hours and hours of BMX and snowboarding videos. I have endured over a decade of this. I can't complain too much, really. I'm usually entertained by and amazed at the incredible skills that these daring people around the world have. Mainly, balance. I've discovered after breaking my left collar bone three times (skiing, snowboarding, and sledding, if you must know), that gravity and I just don't work well together. 


One of the key benefits of being forced to watch hundreds of hours of tricks and falls is that, roughly 18% of the time, the folks that make these BMX and snowboarding videos have really good taste in music. Several years ago, I discovered Chromeo (as well as John Vanderslice, The Colour, and a few others I can't recall) by sitting through some of these videos like the good girlfriend/wife that I was/am. Although Chromeo doesn't fall within the fairly predictable standards of my typical playlists, I need a little funky-electro-fun in my ears every now and then. And I just heard that they have a new track with the equally awesome Toro y Moi. So check it out!