O Come O Come Emmanuel

I'm getting old. That's the only excuse. The pessimistic Christmas-music-is-played-way-too-much-of-the-year-in-an-effort-to-make-you-get-into-more-credit-card-debt Jaime is, as of this holiday season, voluntarily listening to Christmas music. Some of it, at least. Just a few select songs. Maybe three or four.

Ok, I made a playlist.
And cleared some files off my phone to be sure to have enough room for the songs.
There are 52 songs. 

One of those 52 songs is this excellent rendition of a Christmas classic from the beautiful band Branches. It's is totally worth your time if you're looking for a little extra scoop of holiday cheer in the form of perfect vocal harmonies and magical sounds:


I learned of their Songs for Christmas EP through the wonderful music-sharing site Noisetrade a year or two ago. It's a great website, by the way. A wonderful way to check out and support emerging musicians, or just check them out without supporting them, if completely free music is your thang (it's my thang sometimes, too).

From the bottom of my heart to you and yours, Merry Christmas! I hope you are blessed with joyful time with the ones you love as you create memories that last a lifetime. It is, of course, the time spent together and the moments you share that really matter. So don't stress. And don't rack up more credit card debt.