Jacaranda Tree

I've had an amazing day. I didn't realize it until about 10:30 this evening, but that's ok. Sometimes it's the soundtrack for a perfect winter night that allows you a moment to pause and reflect upon the day to see how beautiful it has been. Even though I woke up with a sick toddler (sick toddlers have bad attitudes, you know). And even though I spent the majority of the day trying, and failing, to get work done around the house. And even though I lost my temper with the aforementioned child. And even though I didn't have a chance to make myself a cup of coffee. 

Even though. It turned out pretty amazing. Because of the simple things.

Today was my parents' anniversary. This is the day I look back upon as the moment my family was made complete by a man who chose to become my dad. A great deal of who and where I am today is attributed to the promise that was made between two people on February 17, 1990. I am beautifully blessed to have them as my parents.

I spent the evening at church with a small group of people who have become very dear to me in recent months, discussing some of the challenges of being a modern day believer. I don't speak about my faith much because I feel it's still shaping me. I'm still examining it and scrutinizing the mysteries of a higher power. But it was fulfilling to come home with more knowledge; a slightly new perspective. And more questions I want to explore.

The boys went to sleep. I booked FOUR weddings as a second shooter with two different wedding photographers I highly admire. I tried--and very much enjoyed--a new beer. I sat at my computer editing photos that I'm really proud of, listening to music that feeds my soul. And amid a playlist of great songs, I realized that this has been a great day. I think the track that really captured me was this most beautiful, amazing song by the incredibly talented Josh Garrels. Take to your heart a few of my favorite lyrics...

We wait for downpours
a drenching joy, a carnival sky.

All things will change.
We wait for the rain, and the promise remains.

I pray light will leak from our pockets.
We'll be drenched, overcome.
At night the fireflies, streamers at our sides,
silent flaming arcs of hope.