Is it the moments that make us love the music or the music that makes us love the moments?

I wondered this in years past, but now I realize it doesn't matter. The moments and the music are woven together. The fabric they make is wrapped around my heart and my memory.

Typhoon was introduced to me one evening a couple weeks ago after making a delicious dinner at home with a beautiful friend of mine. I adore her. And moments with her. We've shared so much of our lives with one another in the past decade or so (that's what happens when you're in college, still trying to figure out life and love and God and yourself). We often share music with one another. Have you heard of ____? Oh, you've GOT to hear this. Just this one song. I know you'll love it.

It was within 15 minutes of hearing "Prosthetic Love" that she and I bought tickets to see them live. In Omaha. On a Tuesday night.