Golden Twin

So this one time, me and my girl Ashley took a superfun road trip to Omaha to see one of the most incredible shows I've ever experienced (Typhoon). I haven't yet bragged about how amazing that show was, because they were supposed to come to KC in June, and I was planning a double-brag after that show. But life happens and illness happens and bands cancel shows. And ugh. And sadness. So now I am completely bummed that I can't have twice as much of the goodness that was bestowed upon me. So I suppose I'll just single-brag about how incredible it was.

It was incredible.

Beyond the fantastic music that left my ears ringing and my heart full, the trip itself was a blast. It was filled with those random things that would normally be forgettable but become magical reminders that life is beautiful. It's lovely how you can be reminded of that at a truck stop at 3:00am as you shop for $10 ponchos.

As an added bonus, this awesome band Wild Ones opened for Typhoon. They delivered a solid performance that made my heart happy. And I want to share some of the happiness with you.