Yesterday Was Hard on All of Us

Today's Anthem is a replay of a song I posted on here a year or so ago. This anthem is in honor of two amazing young men who left this world too soon. 

Today marks three years since my beloved friend Aaron lost (or won, I suppose) his battle with brain cancer. His friendship was a joy in my life for 7 or 8 seemingly brief years. But in that time, we made memories I'll always keep. And that's forever his gift to me. But beyond that, his incredible faith is still helping me build my own.

And this morning, friends and family laid to rest an amazing young man who lost his life in a tragic car accident a few days ago. I'm hurting for his wife, his two little boys, his parents and siblings, and all of his friends and family.

Words simply don't exist to even attempt to fill the void that these young men leave. No tribute is fitting. The hugs and the tears we share and shed don't ease the hurt or soothe the loss. Both so young and full of life. Both with so much left to give and to experience. Both deeply loved and strongly needed by so many people. It hurts knowing that four people were robbed of the joy of growing old with their spouse. That two little boys will grow up without their incredibly proud and devoted daddy. That two mothers had to bury their babies. That these two men didn't receive the years and decades they most certainly deserved. It hurts knowing that the empathy I feel for their loved ones can't take away even a tiny bit of the pain they will live with for the rest of their lives.

But what I love and treasure is the fact that they both blessed so many people with their love and their existence. And that I was able to witness some of their greatest moments on days when our lives intersected.