King and Cross

I am a lover of the English language. And I'd probably love other languages if I was multilingual. But since I am not, I love the English language. I love that we humans have the ability to express ideas to one another with words. The complexity of it all is beautiful. 

I understand that so much can be lost when words are translated from another language, but... wow. It's certainly not the case with Ásgeir's album "In the Silence" which I just discovered tonight. Translated from Icelandic to English, it is stunning and imaginative and perfectly poetic. A lovely thing to accompany this first day of autumn.

I may have actually discovered this song over the incredible weekend I just spent in Portland, OR with a wonderful and beloved friend of mine. Enjoying a beer at our last stop of the weekend, I could hear a song with a great bass line and Bon Iver-esque vocals coming through the speakers. I was tempted to interrupt the conversation and Shazam the song, but good conversations with great friends can't be halted for something which is by comparison so trivial. I came back home and opted for a google search of "Bon Iver with beats" to see if anyone had written such reviews for anyone lately. Lucky me. I found Ásgeir amid the search results. I'll never know for sure if this was the song I heard, but if it's not, I'll take it as a worthy consolation.

Do yourself a favor, friend: hop on over to iTunes and buy "In the Silence."