Surprise Yourself

I can't recall ever being more ready to leave a year behind than I am right now. I am nearly vibrating with the excitement of staring 2017 and embracing the fresh-start symbolism that a new calendar provides. This year was stressful, disheartening, frustrating, and full of grief. I am a different person today than I was on the first day of 2016, and at my age, I didn't anticipate such change.

Today, I have a fractured faith. I have new perspectives. I have a worry for the future. I have witnessed unimaginable loss.

But I'm going to use all of my energy and focus to make a fresh start. To be authentic. To be adventurous. To be present in each moment. To be the best me. Not just for myself, but for my family, and for my world. This world needs so much love. So much.

Today's Anthem, the final one of 2016, is offered in hopes of creating a better world together, in celebration of the symbol of a new start, and in recognition of the positivity we can share with each other.

Speak and open up your mind
It's something you should do all the time
Keep exploring, seek and find
You know you might surprise yourself
Talk without a taint or hold
The doubts that should embrace your heart
The calm and chaos of your soul
You know you might surprise yourself

Take a pen and write this down
Draw something that can't be found
And learn to walk again somehow
You know you might surprise yourself