Nina Cried Power / Slow Up / Fuel on the Fire

Many days it crosses my mind that I should post a new song on here. That thought quickly drops to the bottom of an endless checklist and fades behind greater priorities and better investments of my energy. And after nearly a year and a half of that nagging thought, here I am. I’m ok with the lack of attention I’ve given this pursuit to share songs. But then I become overwhelmed with the incredible beauty of sounds that hit my soul, and it becomes immoral to avoid sharing.

Maybe it will be years before I take the time to share another song to an unknown and likely nonexistent audience. And that’s ok. There are hundreds of other things I will be doing. And there are hundreds of other songs I will be sharing. In person. Take a ride with me in my car or spend an evening in my home if you want more of these kinds of songs. Songs to make us feel what we always should be feeling. Songs to make us do what we always should be doing.

Here are just a few that make me feel and do…